Right, Human Rights, Inborn Rights and Privileges

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Today developed and developing countries are vying to reach the highest position of the totem pole of the global economy. Not to be outdone, they are all devoting themselves in their respective fields. On careful analysis of their attainment of their present status, their success and progress can be said to be attributed to their arduous efforts under peaceful political systems. Without peace and stability, they could not have reached their leading roles in the international arena. Among them, we may take Japan as an exemplary nation we should emulate. The world has recognized Japan as an advanced country that had risen, like a phoenix, from the ashes of World War II. Since then, Japan has made concerted efforts only to develop its economy, averting her attention from warlike ideas. To put it simply, our country, as it is, lagged behind our neighbors. Civil wars and poor administration during the rule of successive governments were scourges that made the country plunge into misery. We could not get out of this whirlpool of sufferings for nearly 7 decades.
    Out of our tremendous desire to liberate ourselves from these sufferings, we managed to choose a government that listened to the voices of the people. Our aspirations for a democratic form of government led us to success. Yet, we should not consider that we have done our duty just by choosing the government we like. We, in fact, are also responsible for helping the government in nation building. Apart from those who are making destructive activities on purpose, we all are nation-builders. So, we must carry out the duties assigned to us. All civil service personnel are making sure that the administrative machinery of the government is running smoothly. All private sector employees from companies, factories and enterprises are performing their respective duties. Teachers, doctors and soldiers are working for the country. And, we are all paying taxes to strengthen the budget of the Union government. Some of us are trying out our luck by buying State Lottery tickets every month. However, we need to work more than now, so that we can keep abreast with advanced, developed and some developing countries who are ahead of us. Procrastination is the thief of time, as the saying goes. We must bring about nationwide peace. Without peace, foreign investors will find it difficult to make foreign direct investments in our country. Without peace in the areas of our national brethren, there will hardly be progress in those areas.
    Generally, government service personnel are working five days a week, with company staff working six days a week. All the civil service personnel in our country are having 24-25 or so public holidays, just like in other neighboring countries. These days, almost everywhere we go, we hear the same story, that is, about Thingyan festival holidays. To be exact, the voices are full of displeasure and annoyance. According to human nature, every individual never wants to abandon the thing in their hands easily. I am not blaming them for this. As for them, they had already arranged to go to their native places in advance. Furthermore, long holidays will be more convenient for them. Meanwhile, we should notice that soldiers, policemen, firemen, and some personnel from some departments always work without any complaints, having holidays, less than other servicemen. We need to fully understand that long vacations will be inconvenient for foreign embassies, overseas companies and enterprises, foreign and local banks giving financing services and settlement of payments; hospitals and private health care centers and Ministries which have to deal with international affairs. In fact, it is not our inborn right, just a right given by a government occasionally. It would be good for us if our government can arrange for our civil service personnel to be able to travel conveniently at fair prices as a privilege, during Thingyan festival holidays, if not in this year, then certainly in future years.
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