Rote learning is not for entire life

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Rote learning means memorisation of basic facts through repetition. It is a good way of learning new words and spelling for children, but it is not a learning method appropriate for their entire lives.
When they become students of upper primary, middle or high school levels, they need another learning method known as critical thinking. This is because in everyday life, they will face challenges and problems that require them to formulate their own solutions. To do so, they need to understand concepts and principles and apply them to the given problem.
Without critical thinking, students are not able to apply what they have learnt to real-life situations. It can be seen clearly that rote learningalone is not an appropriate method for higher education institutions. Emphasizing it too much produces so many graduates who just do what they are told.
At the root of the problem is a teaching method that emphasises studying for examinations that only test rote learning skills. It is necessary to train teachers on how to help children think critically, and to adopt examination systems that test this ability.

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