Sale of beans to China declines because of Coronavirus outbreak

Merchants evaluate various kinds of bean in Mandalay.  Photo : Aung Phyo Kyaw
Merchants evaluate various kinds of bean in Mandalay. Photo : Aung Phyo Kyaw

The sale of beans to China has declined because of the Corona- virus outbreak in China, according to Mandalay depot.
“The prices of the goods declined because of this virus. The green gram price had fallen to K 10,000 per bag earlier this month. Now, the price has risen a bit. Currently, the price of China imported beans is dependent on the virus. If the Coronavirus outbreak can be stopped, the market will return to normal,” said U Thein San, an executive of Mandalay Commodity Depot.
The green gram (Shwe Wah) bean price has declined to K 120,000 per bag from K 129,000-130,000 per bag. The price of rice beans has declined to K 60,000 from K 78,000, while the price of groundnut beans has fallen to K 2,800 from K 3,000 per bag. However, the price of beans is rising a bit, according to Mandalay Depot.
“In Chinshwehaw and the Muse border, traders are selling beans at a slightly higher price. Then, they keep the beans in the border areas’ warehouses. These days, we can export only a small amount of beans to China. About 90 per cent of the beans could not be exported. The vehicle charges have also increased because of the outbreak of China’s Coronavirus,” said Ko Soe, a trader from Mandalay-Muse Bean Depot.
Previously, the demand for beans needed 70 or 80 vehicles per day (one vehicle contains 700 bean bags). These days, the demand for beans needs only 25 or 30 vehicles per day. In order to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus, the Mandalay depot will close to control travelling by tourists.—Tin Zar Hlaing (Translated by Hay Mar)

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