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Picture1Mandalay, 3 Feb —The 56th Buddha Pujaniya festival is being held from the 1st Waxing Day to 8th Waning Day of Tabodwe, (from 20 January to 11 February) at Maha Muni Buddha Image in Mandalay.
The Pathana treatise was recited from 20 to 28 January at the Buddha image. The Htamane making festival was held on 2 February. The gates of the precinct at the Buddha image were opened the whole night on that day.
Shwe Nyiahko performing arts troupe entertained the visitors at night.
In the early morning of the Fullmoon Day of Tabodwe, 3 February, wellwishers donated meals to Yaydaw Sayadaw and members of the Sangha and offered alms.
The 26th rice offering ceremony will be held at the platform of the Buddha image in the afternoon of 11th February. Willwishers and social organizations can donate provisions to 853 Buddhist monks at over 60 pavilions. Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)

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