Second discussion meeting on four pillars of government

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Myanmar Press Council Vice President U Ohn Kyaing (Hanthawaddy U Ohn Kyaing) delivers the speech at the meeting of four pillars of government yesterday. Photo: MNA

To reinforce the balance among the legislative, executive, judicial powers and the media, a second discussion meeting on the four pillars of government was held at the Ministry of Information yesterday.
Prominent figures from the media spoke and highlighted the importance of the balance of powers and their responsibilities to provide checks and balances on each other.
Dr. Pe Myint, the Union Minister for the Information, said the main reason for the second meeting was to discuss how to overcome the obstacles that are preventing the media from exercising all their rights. He said that to do this, existing laws need to be changed, and that will require cooperation of the various media associations and other government pillars.
Dr. Pe Myint went on to say that in a democracy, power belongs to the people, but millions of citizens cannot coordinate for every decision or implementation. Therefore, they choose people to represent them in different parts of government. But for the people to know that their elected officials are carrying out their will and not abusing their power, the people need information, and that is supplied by the media, which is why the media needs more autonomy than it currently has.
Deputy Minister U Aung Hla Tun spoke about the importance of cooperation among the four pillars to show the international community the real image and situation in Myanmar.
“The news needs to be accurate, correct and unbiased, and for that to be realised, cooperation is the key”, he said. He added that if there is no cooperation with the other three pillars, then the news will be distorted as it is not verified by the respective department. This will lead to misinformation, rumours and overall sloppiness with mistakes generating an obstructive image of the country.
Hanthawaddy U Ohn Kyaing then spoke at the meeting and compared the four pillars of government to actual pillars supporting a house and sheltering the people and its inhabitants.
The meeting ended with the participants agreeing on numerous topics including reviewing media law, establishing media for ethnicities as a prominent sector, requesting ministries to hold monthly press conferences, appointing spokespersons to region and state government to provide updates to the media, compiling and sending a contact list of journalists and reporters to ministries, establishing a press corner in government departments and Hluttaw buildings, and holding regional-level meetings for the four pillars of government.
Attending the meeting were Dr. Pe Myint, U Aung Hla Tun, various officials from the three pillars of government, numerous officials from the states and regions, Myanmar Press Council Vice President U Ohn Kyaing (Hanthawaddy U Ohn Kyaing) and council members including Dr. Myo Thant Tin, and representatives from Myanmar Journalists Association, Myanmar Journalists Network, Myanmar Journalists Union, Burma News International, and the Myanmar Women’s Journalists’ Society.

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