Second Pyithu Hluttaw fifth regular session ends

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In the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 5th regular session 54th day meeting held yesterday, four starred questions were asked and answered and the Pyithu Hluttaw speaker gave a message of greeting.
In response to a question by Dr. U Aye Min of Kayan constituency on plan to develop small scale chicken and fish breeding businesses in Kayan township, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Hla Kyaw said 12 villages in Kayan township had 1,600 acres of fish breeding ponds where freshwater fish were bred at a rate of 3,000 fish per acre and there were 328 chicken breeding farms built above the ponds where about 700,000 chickens were bred. Three fish hatcheries in Hlawga, Laydauntkan and Twantay, under the Department of Fisheries in Yangon Region, were providing fish fingerlings that had a high rate of growth and are of good pedigree at cheap prices.
Two small-scale fish hatcheries operated by local fish breeders were set up in Thatkekone and Pazinikan villages in fiscal year 2014-2015 with government funding. The laboratory of the Department of Fisheries is conducting tests of the farm-raised fish and issuing recommendations in order for the fish to be exported in accordance with required standards and quality.
Constructing cold storages for the small-scale chicken breeding farms is not cost effective, and arrangements are being made to set up chicken shops in Yangon Region that will provide affordable chicken to consumers while stabilising the price. Plans are also being drawn up to invite investors to build modern storage facilities, said the deputy minister.
Next, a question by U Sai Ngaung Hsaing Hein of Maukmai constituency on the ministry’s plan to maintain the Nantmon Aqueduct was answered by the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
U Hla Kyaw.
The deputy minister said the Nantmon Aqueduct, which is three miles west of Narsaing village in Maukmai Township, southern Shan State, was constructed and maintained by locals to provide irrigation water to 235 acres of farmland. It is 200 feet long and 35 feet high, constructed with wooden poles and planks and was not very strong. In fiscal year 2013-2014, with more than Ks 40 million of state government funds, the Irrigation and Water Utilisation Management Department replaced the wooden poles with concrete pillars. In fiscal year 2015-2016, more than Ks 4 million of state government funds were used to maintain and improve the waterway, but due to a lack of funds, only about 60 per cent of the work was completed. At the current moment, there is a requirement to do more repair and maintenance work, said the deputy minister.
Afterwards, Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U Win Myint gave a speech saying the fifth regular session was started in 18 May 2017 and today is the 54th day. During the meeting period, 310 starred and 729 non-starred questions were answered, 23 motions including two important motions were tabled, of which 11 were confirmed while 12 were put on record. Thirty-three bills were discussed, 16 were approved and 17 remain.
During the meeting period, 22 Pyithu Hluttaw representatives were sworn in, 19 reports by committees formed by the Pyithu Hluttaw were confirmed, the Pyithu Hluttaw judicial and law committee’s term was extended and the duties and responsibilities of the Pyithu Hluttaw farmers and workers affairs committee was amended and redefined. Two Tatamadaw Pyithu Hluttaw representatives were transferred and reassigned as committee members, and five Tatmadaw Pyithu Hluttaw representatives were replaced and reassigned as observers.
Representatives should take note that in conducting legislation, the primary responsibility of the hluttaw is to defend the people. If the laws confirmed and enacted by them are unable to defend the people, it is hindering and slowing down the transition to democracy. Strict laws lead to governance by law, which is an extremist type of government and should be avoided. Laws should not oppress but protect the basic human rights of the people. Only then will the laws become beneficial for the people and earn the trust and confidence of the people. Another responsibility of the hluttaw is the matter of checks and balances. With regards to this matter, everyone knew that the hluttaw representatives have the right and are doing this in accordance with laws and rules related to the hluttaw. Only a few questions that are not in accord with the restrictions and procedures were amended or changed for the dignity of the hluttaw representatives. The hluttaw speaker especially requested hluttaw representatives to act and talk in accordance to democracy practices when meeting with the people so that they gain the trust and confidence of the people during the time when hluttaw meetings were adjourned. It is important for hluttaw representatives to earn the respect of the authorities and authoritative departments too. As we are implementing a democracy system and we need to cooperate in order for the people to have a democracy culture and practices. We all need to cooperate and work toward an all-inclusive democracy.
Finally, the hluttaw speaker said while the hluttaw representatives conduct their legislative responsibility dutifully and loyally, they also need to continuously upgrade their abilities. They must not lose touch with the people and must always be in touch with the people and become people’s representatives. They need to oversee and manage the local region development works. They also need to coordinate the works of the committee to assess cases of confiscated farmlands and other lands. Cooperate to establish a democratic federal union with public democratic participation. Be vigilant for the danger of those who want to hinder and destroy democracy. Violence and terrorism that could deviate the democracy transition process, destroy and damage the rule of law, stability and peace of the community should also be prevented and defended with unity and cooperation, said the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker.
After his speech, the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker announced the adjournment of the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 5th regular session 54th day meeting and the successful completion of the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 5th regular session.


Aung Ye Thwin, Mi Mi Phyo
(Myanmar News Agecny)

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