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Short supply makes tomato prices skyrocket

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Tomato growers in Kawlin and Wuntho townships are making better profits this year than last year.

As there are a few growers of tomato plants in Kawlin and Wuntho townships, Sagaing region, this keeps prices high. The tomato growers in the townships are making better profits this year than last year.
“Last year, nearly all the villagers from the village grew the tomato and tomato price ranged from K250-300 per viss. So, the tomato growers from our village cultivated other crops this year instead of tomatoes because they faced financial losses in the last winter tomato season. I grew 4,000 tomatoes last year, but only 2,000 tomato trees were cultivated this year. The 2,000 trees of tomato yielded about 700 visses, and I sold them for K800 per viss.
“We have never sold tomatoes at such a good price like this year,” said Ko Than Zaw, a tomato grower from Zin Pyon Chaung village.
I bought the tomato for K800 per viss from the Kawlin tomato growers. Then, they were sent to Shwebo, Monywa, Wetlet, Ywar Htaung and Mandalay towns by truck.
Among the crops, the Taiwan tomatoes are yielding well, making more profit for the growers. This is the reason why the growers are urged to grow the Taiwan tomato on a commerce scale.—Myat Tun Min (Kawlin)/GNLM

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