State Counsellor discusses livelihood of daily-wage workers, masks, reduction of electricity bills, internet usage costs on her FB account

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi discussed the following issues, as reported to the people on her Facebook account yesterday.
She said the following were the top issues people wanted to know, according to messages she received on her Facebook page.
(1) Livelihood of daily-wage people during the shutdown period
(2) Mask issues
(3) Reduction of electricity bills, and
(4) Internet usage bills
Regarding issue (1), measures are being taken to implement the best plan with the use of State Funds, COVID-19 National Level Central Committee’s Fund. We will have to consider not only one area or region but also the whole country. I highly request all to donate cash to the fund of the central committee. Much needs to be done.
(2) During this month, the Ministry of Health and Sports is planning to distribute 6.3 million of masks to the people. We have placed more orders for masks.
(3) We are trying to find the best solution for reducing electricity bills.
(4) Telephone operators have already reduced Internet usage costs.
While you are staying farther from each other with great care, please don’t forget Metta (loving kindness) and compassion. We are all children of the Union.
As I am a beginner using Facebook, I have to take time in typing messages. But, I am delighted to be able to contact with the people. I’m sure my typing will become faster before long.
Through thick and thin, may all our brethren be healthy and have peace of mind.
(Translated by GNLM)

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