State Counsellor’s address on Youth Policy

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At the ceremony to introduce the Youth Policy of Myanmar, State Counsellor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi made an address on youths in Myanmar, in which one third of the population was said to be youths between the ages of 15 to 35. Thus it highlights the fact that the role of youths in the country is of great importance.
As stated by the State Counsellor, there may be differences in attitudes according to the nature of the generation gap between the old and new generations. Thus must be deeply understood in laying down a youth policy. At the same time, the State Counsellor’s statement that the education system is of vital importance in upgrading abilities, qualifications and skills of the youths of the new generation must be taken into deep consideration. Moreover, the State Counsellor’s noteworthy advice for youths to cultivate the practice of working together in groups in the new education system really fulfills a great need in our country for future national development.
In implementing national development projects, one of the fundamental necessities is to encourage the competitive efforts of youths. Yet, our youths are required to vie with one another in the right way by upholding the spirit of good sportsmanship, as indicated by the State Counsellor. In addition to this, youths need to make right choices. At such a time when we are presently exerting our concerted efforts to raise the momentum of national development, the State Counsellor also pointed out that vocational education was of great importance in the same way as university education. As for the youths who have the desire to take part in nation building projects, they should make career choices which reflect the actual needs of the country.
As noted by the State Counsellor, he who shares knowledge gains knowledge. Our youths should bear this in mind as they participate in various youth projects and activities. Highly educated youths are expected to share their knowledge with those youths who do not have access to vocational training, as stressed by the State Counsellor. By doing so, it will upgrade not only individual education and dignity but also the qualities and skills of all the youths in Myanmar society.
To sum it up, the release of the Myanmar Youth Policy will go a long way to tap the talents, energy and innovative ideas of all youth in Myanmar. This will also enable them to take an active part in nation building.

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