Strength of the nation lies within

Salai Lian Luai.
Salai Lian Luai.

The GNLM presents the interviews with the chief ministers of regions and states who are delivering humanitarian aids and conducting rehabilitation programs in Maungtaw region, Rakhine State.
Mandalay Region Chief Minister U Zaw Myint Maung
The State Counsellor summoned the chief ministers and gave instructions to partake in humanitarian aid and rehabilitation programs for ethnic peoples in Rakhine State. So we raised funds for the programs. Mandalay Region will build 60 homes complete with a school, a clinic and water and electricity supply systems. We got nearly one billion kyats as donations. This housing project will cost K 700 million. We are using internal strength in the ethnic rehabilitation programs. We come here and make every arrangement in person and look into the requirements with our own eyes. We want to show that the strength of the nation lies within. That is the essence. Rehabilitation is a continuous task.
Sagaing Region Chief Minister Dr Myint Naing
We could collect a donation of K 350 million from townships and companies. We will build 45 homes at Mingyiywa village. We have already transferred the projected expenditure to the bank. The remaining balance will be used in other necessary areas. As we are indivisible we will give necessary assistance for our ethnics.
Magway Region Chief Minister Dr Aung Moe Nyo
Twenty-five townships, particularly the companies in Magway Region donated nearly K 60 million for the people of Rakhine State. When added with funds allotted by the region government, the total amount reached K 190 million. We are going to build a two-storey school. Here transport is very poor. We will help to the most possible in the future also.
Kachin State Chief Minister Dr Khet Aung
People in Kachin with the Union spirit and humanitarian spirit made donations to their best of the ability for their kith and kin in Rakhin State. We have the initial plan to build 20, homes. We received over K 280 million from companies and the public. We will continue to render assistance under the program of Kachin State and with public participation.
Chin State Chief Minister Salai Lian Luai
Chin State will provide assistance for the education sector. Under our plan we will build schools. It is my first visit to Rakhine State which in my view is more beautiful than Chin State in some places, especially the sea beaches.
Shan State Chief Minister Dr Lin Htut
With full Union spirit, I come here as the representative of Shan State. I hope that our help will create job opportunities and ensures social improvement of the people of Rakhine State, and it is our goal. We will build homes with the funds provided by the regional people, businesses and government.
Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu
I am thankful to see chief ministers visiting our land to help us. Their assistance is much beneficial for the local ethnic peoples as it will develop the social standard in the long run. Their visit and help also serves as the morale booster for the local ethnics.

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