Telematics devices installed on YBS buses found damaged: YRTA

YBS buses crawling on a busy road in downtown area in Yangon. Photo: Phoe Khwar
YBS buses crawling on a busy road in downtown area in Yangon. Photo: Phoe Khwar

By Nyein Nyein

Telematics devices installed on YBS buses to monitor their speed and compliance with rules have been found damaged in several instances, said U Aung Nyi Nyi Maw, Managing Director of the Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA).
The machines were installed on YBS buses to ensure they follow traffic rules and regulations, and they were found to have been damaged intentionally, and not by accident, he added.
“The machines have been damaged because they help us see whenever the buses drive at a high speed or stop at bus stations where they must not halt for a long time. When bus drivers flout rules, we let them train or take action against them. So, they are damaging the machines as they don’t want us to see how they are breaking rules. They are also worried that we will fine them. They don’t want to follow rules and regulations,” said U Aung Nyi Nyi Maw.
The authorities have given warning and are taking action against drivers for damaging telematics machines installed on board buses, according to the YRTA. The damaged machines are being fixed and installed at the Shin Sawpu ground. But, the YBS drivers have to pay a fine for that, according to the transport authority.
“The YRTA installed these machines free of charge to control YBS buses through a telematics system for all bus companies. When we check damaged machines, if we find they can still be fixed, we just give a warning and make drivers sign a personal undertaking. If the machines cannot be fixed, they have to pay a fine of K250,000,” said U Aung Nyi Nyi Maw.
“Whenever telematics machines on board YBS buses are taken out or damaged, the control centre receives an alert. The team of engineers records how the machines got damaged on Shin Sawpu ground when they check the machine along with the disciplinary team and the YBS bus lines in-charge. While checking YBS buses where the machines have been installed, we find around 10 to 20 buses with damaged machines every day,” said U Aung Nyi Nyi Maw.
We are planning to submit a proposal to the Yangon Region government to get guidelines on preventing damage to machines, according to the YRTA.
“On 28 November, a mini-bus from YBS 15 bus line was providing passenger services till 9:12 am. Then, the telematics system machine installed on board the bus was destroyed. We lost connection with the mini-bus at 5:36 pm. Before the connection was lost, the mini-bus was en route to North Okkapala from Dagon University. We also found that the mini-bus drove to Nyaungdone-Pathein road through Kayaybin junction,” according to the control centre’s records.
According to another record, on 29 November, a mini-bus from YBS 15 bus line, was found, with the bus line number covered with a sticker, waiting alongside a HiAce car and a city taxi pro-box van near U-To bridge, Chaungtha Town. As the combined team watched them, a motor vessel approached from U-To creek and docked near Chaungtha beach. Then, illegal migrants—32 males and 64 females—got onto the cars and they were arrested by the combined team.
“The information regarding the YBS 15 bus was received from the control center. In order to take action, we have already submitted a report to the Yangon Region government,” said U Hla Aung, Joint Secretary of the YRTA. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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