Term paper on Federal land policy to be compiled from existing policies

Work committees of the Union Peace Dialogue Joint-Committee continued to hold its meeting yesterday morning at the National Reconciliation and Peace Center.
Here are voices of participants in the discussions of those work committees.

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U Myint Soe.

U Myo Win (member of work committee for dialogue on security matters)
“This is the first meeting of our work committee. Out of five work committees being held now, this is a separate situation of the discussion of the committee on security sector,” said, U Myo Win.
Special Characteristic
The presently-held meeting is continuing to discuss collective discussions submitted by the national-level political dialogues of political, economic, social and land sectors. Especially, there had never been any discussions of the security sector at the national level, and hence it has started to be discussed for the first time, said U Myo Win.
U Myo Win added, “We are now at the stage of starting to discuss for performing the tasks of the Union Level.”
Exchange of Views and Visions
The committee has laid down two titles, “Reuniting Matters on Defence of the State and Matters on Security.” Of the titles, now it reached the stage of discussing views of group members, as for the title, “Matters on Defense of the State, he added.
Under the title, “Matters on Defence of the State,” government group, national ethnic armed group and political parties group submitted term papers. As regards these term papers, the present meeting of the committee will not make any decisions, and it is just preparing to assemble differences and similarities of those term papers, it is learnt.
U Myint Soe (member of work committee for dialogue on land and natural environment)
U Myint Soe said, “As regards the sector of land, there are two policies on land—policy on land and policy on natural environment and resources. From the existing two policies, a term paper on federalism-related land policy is to be compiled.”
The committee had already scrutinised term papers submitted by Taninthari Region and Kayin State, continuing to deal with term papers submitted by Pa-Oh and Bago Region.
The committee is emphatically scrutinising term papers on the economic sector submitted by races and regions. In addition, professionals and experts on Land Policy will be invited for discussion, if needed, it is learnt.
Matters to be Included
Scrutiny of term papers submitted to the committee is being carried out by 3 steps.
Step 1 matters on policy
Step 2 matters on management and legal affairs
Step 3 matters on disputes
Matters on disputes mean scrutiny of facts that do not comply with matters included in NCA, and facts included in drawing framework. These findings will be submitted to the UPDJC to be able to make decision of the facts that do not comply. Similarly, facts that comply with, from term papers submitted will be included in the land policy, U Myint Soe added.
He added, “UPDJC secretary group will re-examine discussions gained from today’s meetings of work committees and then it will be submitted to 21st Century Panglong Conference through UPDJC.” —Myint Soe

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