The Great Shwedagon


Some two thousand six hundred years ago, Taphussa and Bhalika,
two merchant brothers from(what is now)the land of Myanmar,
journeyed west to the land of Lord Gautama Buddha,
the Supreme Self-Enlightened One of Badda Kabar.
They went to pay homage where He was residing,
and offered Him honey cakes and received His blessing,
and were bestowed  with Eight Strands of His Hair
a precious gift for them to their land to bear.
Arriving back, they offered the relics to the King of the land
who enshrined relics of three previous Buddhas and
the Eight Sacred Hairs of Lord Gautama Buddha
in what is believed to be a forty four cubits high Pagoda
atop a hill known as Singuttra  to this day
for the multitudes of the land, homage to pay.
The successive Rulers and the people of Myanmar
built It up to It’s present three hundred and sixty feet stature
and gilded  It from It’s base to It’s pinnacle,
crowned by a Hti studded with priceless jewels.
Known to the world as the Golden Shwedagon Pagoda
enshrining Sacred Hair Relics of the Lord Gautama Buddha
built during  His lifetime in a land  afar.
It’s the Jewel of Myanmar, and pride of Yangon, (the historic Dagon).
Shimmering in the day and lit up at night,
It’s golden glow for miles around, an awe inspiring sight.

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