The same old recurring problems hinder progress of society


[dropcap font=”0″]E[/dropcap]very society has its own problems, but some societies successfully overcome them while others still struggle with them. Those societies that successfully overcome their problems and have to solve new ones, attain a higher degree of achievement whenever they deal with a new problem. Those societies that are struggling are found to be encountering the same old recurring problems they failed to solve in the past.
It is necessary for a society to solve one problem after another for its survival because they are always with the society whether they are new ones or old unsolved recurring ones. It is obvious that problems are troublesome as long as they have not been solved. That is why the society is challenged by the same problem again and again in its history and although it repeatedly claims it has left them behind forever, the problems are repeatedly returning.
A problem must be solved once and for all as society cannot escape them. As history has shown, blaming others for problems will not help either as the same old problems will still recur again in the same way as before. It is important that a society should deal with problems as soon as they occur.

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