The value of a politician’s apology

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair apologised today for bringing the UK into the war into Iraq based on false information.
When politicians make bad decisions, the costs are countless lives, gigantic losses of
property and the futures of millions of children. But the same decisions cost politicians only an apology.
Before the Iraq War, many people objected to the justifications for entering the conflict, but politicians like Tony Blair neglected those voices. He led the UK into the war in Iraq, spending billions of dollars of public taxes and sacrificing hundreds of his countrymen’s lives.
Now, the world has realised that the war in Iraq was a failure. Some may characterise Blair as successful because he used to be the prime minister of a great country.
However, it is undeniable that the consequences of Blair’s decisions created a hell for millions of people. No one is sure when the disaster currently taking place in Iraq will be over; it is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future.
A decision can be made within a few seconds, but its consequences cannot be remedied even within a few decades. Therefore, it is important to judge the success of a politician by consequences of what the politician has rather than the position the politician held.

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