To build an ideal nation, ensure PLWDs enjoy equal rights


Myanmar has taken several steps over the past few years to build an inclusive environment in the country and ensure the rights of people living with disabilities (PLWDs) are not infringed upon.
Now, the time has come for the ASEAN member countries to draft the ASEAN Enabling Master Plan 2025. The rights of persons with disabilities must be taken into account for the plan.
In keeping with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Myanmar has enacted the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Law (2015) and its related bylaw (2017).
The Union Government formed a National Committee on 14 September 2017 to better enforce the law and bylaw. The committee, which reached its second and a half year in 2019, has been working in accordance with directives from the Union Government to ensure the rights enjoyed by disabled persons are in line with international standards and the prevailing situation.
We are confident that including the rights of disabled persons in the ASEAN master plan 2025 would ensure equal rights and necessary services for 4.6 million people living with disabilities in Myanmar.
The strategic plan will support PLWDs in six areas: healthcare, education, employment, social protection, management of natural disasters and other emergency situations, and ease of access.
This is to make sure people living with disabilities do not suffer and enjoy the same rights as all citizens, and to help create an inclusive social environment in the country.
An important sector for PLWDs is natural disasters and other emergency situations. While implementing plans for these areas, PLWDs should not be left out and should be allowed to cooperate so that their needs can be accurately addressed.
The role of an independent monitoring mechanism would be vital to ensuring full rights to ethnic people with disabilities, freedom from violence, and reviewing the PLWD law as seen fit.
When it comes to rights of PLWDs, there must be a systematic gender-wise record of PLWDs, PLWD demographics, needs of the different demographics, and their requirements in terms of education, healthcare, and employment.
The authorities concerned and organizations involved in the sector are obliged to draft policies and action plans that incorporate inclusive development in each sector and to draft the strategic plan for 2021-2025.
Myanmar people who possess the fine traditions of perseverance, friendliness, generosity, and sympathy always actively participate in humanitarian tasks in the communities.
Now, all the people and officials in the respective sectors are urged to contribute to building an ideal country that ensures persons living with disabilities enjoy equal rights and encourages their participation by removing barriers.

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