Tomato price in Shan state dives amid COVID-19 second wave

The tomato prices in Shan state were down ten times in COVID-19 second wave, according to the tomato growers from Shan State.
In COVID-19 second wave, the cargo trucks are difficult to travel, and the tomatoes are easy to spoil. Therefore, the price of tomato has dropped and earned K4,000 per bag containing 30 visses, according to the local growers.
This time, the tomatoes do not yield in Inn Lay in Shan State. So, the tomatoes grown on the land and new water shore are earning an acceptable price usually. Of the several varieties of tomatoes, Myanmar and Shan species were mostly cultivated earlier, said the growers.
“We have earned only K4,000 or 5,000 per bag, which has already been three weeks. We aren’t sure even to cover the cultivation costs,” said a local tomato grower.
In the first week of October, the price of a tomato bag containing 30 visses was over K40,000. When the COVID-19 second wave started, the cost of tomatoes dropped to K4,000 or 5,000 per pack, according to the tomato growers.
“The roads are not closed. But, we couldn’t send our tomatoes freely. The trucks were also delayed on the road, and we couldn’t send the tomatoes in time. That’s why the tomato is rotten on the road, and the price has dropped significantly,” said a tomato grower from Shan State. — Zin Yaw Aye (Translated by Hay Mar)

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