Transformation of waste to energy via use of burner system improves fuel oil quality significantly

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The oil refinery in Kyaukka, Monywa. photo: myo win tun (monywa)

The quality of fuel oil can be improved significantly by turning waste into energy by using a burner system that utilizes wax oil, instead of fire wood, said Ko Hein Soe from the Shwe Yee Lin oil refining kiln in Kyaukka, Monywa.
“Fuel oil has an offensive smell when refined using firewood. Oil that is refined using the burner system does not have bad odour. The quality of oil also improves significantly. A single oil refining kiln costs K5 million.
This price does not include the cost of the electric power generator. So, we need to spend more than K5 million to refine crude oil. A kiln that uses the burner system costs K1.5 million. We need to have two kilns for an oil refinery,” he said.
“To refine crude oil using the burner system, we conducted test runs in 2012-2013. In 2018, the system proved to be successful,” said Ko Htein Win Lwin from the Kyauk Kar oil refining kiln.
“Earlier, we had to refine crude oil by using fire wood. When we refined crude oil in this way, the kiln produced petrol, diesel, kerosene, wax oil, and thick wax oil.
When we refined 150 crude oil tanks, we produced 10 wax oil tanks. We didn’t have enough space to store the wax oil. And, it was not marketable. So, we’ve turned to the burner system, instead of using fire wood,” he said.
“The Denmark RFB Grant is providing the technological support to ensure safety and environmental conservation. The organization from Denmark has been providing support to entrepreneurs engaged in the oil refining business in Kyaukka. About 19 entrepreneurs are refining crude oil with the use of burner system, with the assistance of Denmark RFB, which supports 50 per cent of the production facility costs,” said Ko Hein Soe Dom from the Shwe Yee Lin oil refining kiln.
“Of the 152 crude oil refining entrepreneurs in Kyaukka, a total of 121 entrepreneurs are holding a production license, and they are producing fuel oil with the help of over 360 oil refining kilns. We expect all enterprises to switch to the burner system by 2020,” said Ko Htein Win Lwin.
The process of oil refining takes 50 to 60 hours. It takes 7 tons of firewood to produce 120 barrels of refined oil, it is learnt.—Myo Win Tun (Monywa)

(Translated by Hay Mar)

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