Two killed in landslide in Phakant

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Rescue workers carry the corpses of the landslide victims at a jade mine in Phakant on 18 October 2020. Photo: Tar lin maung (IPRD)

Two miners were killed by a landslide at a jade mining site in Phakant Township in Kachin State at about 4 pm on 17 October, according to Seikmu Village-tract Administrator’s Office.
A 150-feet height slope suddenly collapsed onto the two miners — U Tu Aung (aged 28) and U Gwam Mai (aged 34)— at a jade mine (formerly owned by 111 Company) near Kaung San Village in Seikmu Village-tract, and the two miners and they died on the spot.
Both of the landslide victims are from Taung Kaw Village. Their bodies were sent to Phakant Hospital. —Tar Lin Maung (Translated by Maung Maung Swe)

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