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Two weeks extended for holders of more than one CSC and Household Census

The Ministry of Immigration and Population has announced that those who have more than one Citizenship Scrutiny Card (CSC) and Household Census have been given an extension of two weeks until 15 November to report to the nearest immigration offices and process.
If someone possesses more than one CSC and Household Census Form 66/6, he or she must go to the relevant township’s immigration offices and submit it on 1 November. If no return is made, only the last one will be confirmed and the previously held lists will be cancelled.
The Ministry of Immigration and Population has registered more than 52 million citizens, guests, and those who are allowed to be citizens and holders of other types of recognition cards.
It was announced that additional holdings including Citizenship Scrutiny Card and other identification cards and Form 66/6 Household demographics and differences during the specified period must be resolved by going to the nearest township immigration office and if the specified period is exceeded, they will be dealt with under the law. Since the notice is related to certificates of public education, degree certificates, bank accounts, businesses, house and land ownership, and telecommunications such as telephones, it has been extended for further two weeks. — TWA/GNLM

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