Union Minister for Information holds separate meetings with Korean Commissioner of KCC, Managing Director of Chinese based Star Time Group

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Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint and Korea Communications Commission Mr. Ko Sam-seog pose for a documentary photo with their delegations at the 16th Asia Media Summit in Siem Reap. photo: mna

Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint received Mr. Ko Sam-seog Commissioner, Korea Communications Commission, Republic of Korea at Sokha Siem Reap where he was attending the 16th Asia Media Summit. The meeting took place in Bokor Hall of the resort at 9 am yesterday.
During the meeting, they discussed collaboration between the two countries with respect to TV programs, sharing technology and information and making policy in digital era.
Then, the Union Minister met with Managing Director Mr. Gu Xun and entourage of Star Time Group from China and discussed new technologies concerning TV Broadcasting which they are developing with international collaboration. —MNA
(Translated by Alphonsus)

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