Union Minister Thura U Aung Ko receives Chairman of HWPL

27746599 1990229367894521 1743918943 o 72The Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura U Aung Ko received Mr. Man Hee Lee, chairman of the Seoul, Korea-based Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration Light (HWPL) at the Lotus Hotel in Yangon on Friday.
In the meeting, the HWPL chairman said he and his group learned a lot from their visit to Myanmar. His group includes a women group leader and youth group leaders. He met with multiple religious representatives and multiple ethnic nationals in Myanmar and said he was impressed with the works being conducted for unity.
The HWPL chairman said he thinks peace in Myanmar can be achieved. He has seen difficulties in other countries where multi-ethnic nationals govern, when the majority governs over the minority.
“There shouldn’t be a place without peace, as the whole world is developing. For multi-religion unity, each needs to have within them the will for peace. While visiting the whole world, more than 100 religions were found.
Each are said to be good by their believers. It is important to read the soul of each religion. Individuals need to negotiate with others on religion, politics and social matters to achieve unity”, he said.
Mr. Man Hee Lee stressed that multi-religion unity is required for peace. In speaking with the believers of a religion, it was found that they sometimes believed in their religion but didn’t understand their religion correctly.
“There can be progress in a religion, but if there are extreme thoughts and beliefs, there can be conflicts. Even if a country had multiple religions, there’ll be development if unity is achieved”, he said.
The chairman added that for bilateral peace, youth groups and women groups should invite one another to meet and discuss.
The Union Minister noted that attempts toward multi-religion unity are being made in Myanmar and efforts are being made toward preventing hate speech.
“Various religious leaders led by Multi-Religion Unity and Friendship Organisation Chairman Dr. Tha Nyan are cooperating with responsible officials to achieve multi-religion unity. It is an honour to see HWPL as a private entity, drawing up a Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, opening HWPL WARP (Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration of Light World Alliance of Religions-Peace) offices for religious unity and establishing a HWPL peace academy school”, the Union Minister said.
They then exchanged views on raising religious unity, matters relating to multi-religion unity, culture, world peace and internal peace. —Myanmar News Agency

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