Untaxed bottles of alcohol destroyed in Dawei

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Officials in Dawei and Myeik townships destroy untaxed bottles of liquor yesterday. Photo: U Kyaw Kyaw Lat (IPRD)

Untaxed special goods, locally produced bottles of alcohol which is locally produced were seized in Dawei and Myeik townships in Taninthayi Region and destroyed at regional Internal Revenue Department at 8 am yesterday. At the event U Phyo Win Tun, regional minister for planning and finance, delivered opening remarks. Various alcohol products are included on special goods list. Those liquor bottles are locally produced, but the tax duty labels on them are fraud. A total of 792 bottles were found affixed with fake excise stamp. When calculating the payable tax under the Special Goods Tax Law, owners of special goods should pay according to the sales price. Sellers should affix tax seal issued by the Internal Revenue Department.
At the event, U Kyaw Ye Tun, director of regional Internal Revenue Department, explained how to differentiate between the real and fraud stamp.


U Kyaw Kyaw Lat (IPRD)

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