Use but not abuse facebook!

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In this knowledge age, almost every young people are techies or tech savvy. They have great love for high-tech gadgets, electronic devices and technologically sophisticated appliances and/or apparatuses. This being so, with the introduction of facebook, younger generations have become fanatic about facebook, spending hours using it. Not only the young people but also the middle aged as well as the old people are fond of using facebook, giving likes, comments and chatting rather than interacting with one another in person.
In fact, the introduction of facebook and the like has both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends upon the users. If the user devotes all his time and money to using facebook for being engaged in gossiping, playing games, abusing, watching pornographic movies, attacking and defaming people, use of facebook is harmful, dangerous and disastrous not only to the user himself but also to other people who are abused, misused and attacked. Nonetheless, if the facebook users spend their precious time on dissemination of valuable information, data, and knowledge, both the user and his facebook friends can derive benefit from his use of facebook.
It is worth recalling that children under 13 years of age were prohibited from use of facebook when it was first introduced. This was an official restriction. Nevertheless, about 20 million children around the world are using facebook, and 7.5 million of them are found to be under 13 whereas 5 million of them are under 10. In fact, children of this age group should not use facebook, for they can be abused, misused and exploited. They can also imitate improper behaviour of dirty, unscrupulous people as they are not mature yet. What is worst is that they can develop a habit of watching pornographic pictures and obscene movies.
In this regard, parents and teachers play an important role. They should tell their offspring and their pupils that facebook is like fire, which yields benefits only when it is used appropriately and that time spent on facebook should be dedicated to studying lessons and doing school assignments and homework. Parents should monitor their children’s use of facebook at home while teachers ban their pupils’
use of facebook at school.
Last but not the least, children should be made known that devotion to facebook can also be harmful to their health.

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