Wa Democratic Party paper read at 2018 International Day of Democracy ceremony

U Kyin Won
U Kyin Won

Greetings and well wishes for health and prosperity to Union-level officials, representatives from international organizations and political parties and special guests.
I am U Kyin Won, Pyithu Hluttaw representative from Hopan Township constituency. First, I would like to express my thanks to all of you for allowing me to present my paper titled, “Assisting for a sustainable democracy”, on behalf of Wa Democratic Party, on the occasion of 2018 International Day of Democracy. The title of my paper is very important and it plays an important role in the democratization for our ethnic country.
Our country is striving to implement the democracy process, in accordance with the 2008 Constitution. The pillars of democratic government include legislative, administrative, judiciary powers that can check and balance one another. Hluttaw is regarded as one of the key roles in running the democratization process with its legislative power. As long as the legislative Hluttaw is strong with high capacity and democratic standards, democracy system will be established. Therefore, as Hluttaw Representatives, we need to make check and balance in order for our democratic system to thrive.
The essence of democracy is that people themselves are entitled to take part in the process, because democracy is a system where they have the right to elect their government.
All democratic countries are in need of flourishing democratic culture, and only if we can firmly practice a democratic system, will we enjoy a democratic society.
In order to become strong in the democratic practices of our society, we should widely conduct educative programmes that can make these practices strong. Everyone should be aware of responsibility and accountability, and cooperation is needed to do so. All are needed to make checks and balances to establish a flourishing democracy. In doing so, we need to make counterchecks person to person, policy to policy, and action to action.
If we can take part in the process of utilizing democratic values, we can enjoy the fruitful results of democracy. Democractic system can be strong and flourished as long as the new generations abide by human rights, rule of law and gender equality.
According to the principles of democratic norms, people can safeguard democracy by adopting its principles. Only then our democracy will strongly flourish, and a system of democracy will emerge, based on equality and mutual respect for entire ethnic races.
Therefore, I would like to conclude my paper by urging all citizens to actively participate in the democratization process in accordance with the theme of the 2018 International Day of Democracy. By working together, we can build a democratic federal union together!
Thank you.
(Unofficial Translation)

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