Water needed for everyone

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“One can go without food for seven days but cannot go without water for one day,” as the Myanmar saying goes. It is meant to underscore the fact that food and water is very important for us. In fact, it is harmful for us not to drink clean drinking water as well.
With the increasing population and gradual deterioration of our natural environment, we are, presently, facing the problem of not having enough potable drinking water all over the world. Other challenges of climate change and natural disasters have also had a great impact on the supply of clean water.
Thus, concerted efforts are being made with great momentum for availability of clean drinking water and protection from natural disasters, all over the world. Very recently, to be exact, on December 11 and 12, the 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit was held in Yangon, where experts and leaders from regional countries shared knowledge and experiences to find practical solutions for acquiring adequate clean water.
It is expected that the present global population of 7 billion will increase up to 10 billion in the near future. So, there may be severe shortages of water for our daily use. In certain countries in their hilly regions and Pacific islands, events of water shortages and floods may increase due to climate change. Similarly, there may be threats concerning water in rapidly developing countries and rural areas.
Accordingly, we are collectively required to take part in finding solutions for water shortage we are now facing, so that we will not have to confront the problem of inadequacy of water in the future. As collective cooperation and negotiations can overcome challenges, Asia-Pacific Water Summits have been held regularly. During the ten year period starting from the year-2007 when the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit was held, remarkable developments were achieved.
For Myanmar, though being situated among the over-populated countries, it can be said that there may not be great problems for drinking water. The volume of consumable water resources is 880.6 cubic kilometers in Myanmar, 105 cubic kilometers in Bangladesh, 1260.54 cubic kilometers in India and 2879.4 cubic kilometers in China respectively. According to the proportion of the country’s area and population, our country does not have to worry that much about water.
Whatever it is, it will be the best for us to make preparations for the sake of our country. Every nation is required to specifically make efforts for implementation of solving water issues such as acquisition of adequate water supply, valuation of water, protection from floods and storms, conservation of water resources effectively and systematic management of all our actions concerning water. If we have done the above things, we need not worry too much about our increasing population.

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