We all must work together for the Internal Peace

  • By:Tommy Pauk

We want to ensure that internal peace is restored firmly. That is the ardent aspiration of the entire people in Myanmar Therefore, we must strive hard for internal peace in unison.The people of all national races of Myanmar love to live and work in their native country called the Union of Myanmar. We, the entire people of Myanmar must cooperate with the government to solve the problem effectively and seriously. We do not ignore the lives of IDPs. Myanmar people raise funds for IDP and encourage the nationwide ceasefire agreement constantly. The IDPs of Rakhine, Shan, Kachin are our national brethren living together in the same country. We all must find the solution for the armed conflicts and help them escape from suffering miserable lives within the country. The word “we”, represents the government, Myanmar Army, some ethnic armed organizations and all the national races indeed.The internally displaced persons are the victims of the civil war.They suffer the evil of armed conflicts miserably. This issue has been existing in Myanmar for decades.The British colonialists had alienated among the national brethren during the British colony. Even after Myanmar regained own independence, the misunderstanding and estrangement between Bamar and some other national races remain embedded. IDPs are still in trouble for seeking safety and stable livelihood for themselves even in their States.
Actually, they have not been protected by the specific ethnic armed organizations. No organizations can guarantee or safeguard the lives of IDPs beyond the conflict zones practically. Therefore, the defenseless IDPs move to the safe haven in the forests or in the remote areas or border areas but it is very hard for them to find food and clean water for daily consumption. They encounter difficult situation for their survival hopelessly. Their children have to accompany or flee with them, losing access to education and health care elsewhere. In fact, the gun fighting, combat and warfare are taking places within the territory of the Union of Myanmar which is composed with diverse ethnic groups. All the soldiers engaged in gun-fighting are national brethren and we should not be proud or happy of winning some battle over other ethnic armed organizations or Myanmar army. The innocent ethnic people are on the brink of abysmal man-made disaster horrendously.Some have been totally victimized of the six-decade-long civil war in Myanmar.The innocent people in the conflict zone are scarred by civil war. The trauma of IDPs must be treated with warmth, love and kindness while establishing the prevalence of nationwide peace.
They are spending their life as refugees or victims of the civil war in Myanmar although Myanmar is being an independent nation recognized by UN and other nations around the world. Because of the civil war, some ethnic people cannot enjoy the taste or fruit of own independence. The IDPs and peace-loving local people hate to hear the lip services of permanent nationwide ceasefire agreement. In other words, the leaders of all national brethren must not pay lip service for nationwide ceasefire agreement. That is our hearty aspiration for ending the six-decade-long civil war. They practically want to see or enjoy the true peace on a permanent basis among the 135 national races. We wish all ethnic people in Myanmar to be able to live in their states with enduring peace and harmony with all national brethren. We are not enemies, but we are the members of the same family living in Myanmar. The armed conflict should not exist as an insoluble issue indeed. If we maintain honesty, mutual respect, mutual understanding, cordiality, trust, sincerity, unity among the 135 national races, the armed conflicts will never arise by any means. The already- signed NWC document agreement must be implemented or utilized or complied as immediate as possible.
Myanmar has already been on the track of democratic endeavors and building democratic state. All the citizens of Myanmar can enjoy human rights equally among any other nationals home and abroad.
Our prime concern is to save the innocent IDPs in the civil war in Myanmar. We all are responsible for rehabilitating and saving the lives of IDPs and their settlement in the habitable places in Myanmar.Their fears and insecurities should have been vanished as quickly as possible. We all hope for the genuine peaceful settlement in successful way. Let’s work together for ensuring Internal Peace with harmony, equity and unity. We firmly believe that when we attain internal peace, there will be no more IDPs in Myanmar.

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