When all is said and done, deforestation must be stopped


Deforestation has become a global environmental issue with the direct consequence of global warming resulting from ozone depletion. This can be best described as a process in which forests are logged faster than they are replaced or they can recover through natural regeneration.
People cut down forests mainly for fuel and industrial use. In poor countries, people harvest natural forests to clear the land for farming and grazing grounds for animals. Excessive logging will no doubt affect precious environmental resources. In addition, it will trigger erosion, pollution, and disruption to all living organisms.
Apart from trees, a forest is a habitat for insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals, all of whom depend on each other for their survival and that of forests too. For instance, fallen leaves form new layers of soil and as a result prevent soil erosion and maintain soil fertility.
Another benefit forests offer is that trees help reduce the effect of global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. On top of that, forests can offer an exciting and breathtaking environment for people to enjoy recreational activities. Nowadays, people have come to treat forests as popular places to go for a relaxing outing, a picnic or a walk. Some forests provide facilities for camping, bushwalking and horse-riding.
There are some other reasons why we should value our forests. Forests are a constant source of timber and forest products such as honey, essential oils, as well as barks and herbs for traditional medicines.
As is known to all, forests are regarded as one of the most important natural resources on earth. They provide people with food, shelter, warmth, employment and useful products. However, we should not take too much advantage of forests. No matter how beneficial medicines are, an overdose yields unintended consequences.
With this end in view, forests, as the lungs of the world, should be preserved through appropriate management practices. Now is the time to undertake research on how best to conserve flora and fauna.

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