When there are mealy-mouthed politicians, slick politicos, moral-vacuum and political-vacuum, regression occurs in a society


Each society should maintain political stability in order to carry out the tasks for socio-economic development constantly. The political stability breeds peace, unity and harmony in a certain society. Politicians do have different principles for serving the tasks of party politics, national politics, electoral politics and local politics. A system of political beliefs is laid down to implement aspiration for a specific polity of the society. Processes have been made to reach the specific political goals by politicians. It is a must to coordinate with the majority people so that the political process can be smooth and effective. Each and every mature citizen must participate in politics so that they can acquire knowledge and experience. Political science must be taught as a compulsory subject in upper secondary level schools and in universities in a society.
Political culture should be flourishing in the society. Political culture is defined as follow:
“The traditional orientation of the citizens of a nation towards politics, affecting their perceptions of political legitimacy. The attitudes, beliefs and expectations that constitute particular orientations to society in general and politics in particular. The specifically political orientations or attitudes to the political system and its various parts.”
In every society, the government and politicians work together and coordinate for public affairs and welfare services. Politicians normally work as go-between or as a bridge between government and public concerned. The government and politicians must always listen to the necessities, desires, complaints and opinions of the public concerned in order to settle or fulfill or harmonize them within the public relations. Apparently, we, the ordinary people can rely on the conduct of politicians apart from government indeed. Of course, the role of politicians is required essentially. Most importantly, the politicians must vow never to betray public on any circumstances. Simultaneously, they need to perform the duties of party politics and serve the public interests in goodwill manner.
Some politicians are crooked and they can be called mealy-mouthed politicians. Such politicians are the ones who are not plain and straightforward persons so ordinary people cannot rely on their conduct wholly. If mealy-mouthed politicians outnumber the selfless-politicians in a society, the peoples’ desire cannot be fulfilled completely. Slick politicos are also clever, selfish and insincere persons. They are extremely crazy for power so they play trick on the public as if they are selflessly striving hard for the benefits and interest of the public. Public must not support these two types of politicians in their society. Otherwise, the society will be stepping towards the edge of an abyss.
Political participation must be prevalent so that people will be able to exercise their political rights. The political rights are defined as below;—
The right to participate in public life. The right to stand for election, to campaign, to vote and to be elected as well as essential additional rights, such as freedom of expression, freedom of movement and the right to associate with others.[quote font=”helvetica” font_size=”18″ bgcolor=”#dedee2″ color=”#030000″ bcolor=”#0528f9″ arrow=”yes”]“Basically, the people from any nation around the world wish to enjoy peace, happiness and freedom all the time. The occurrences of the progression or regression in the respective societies in the world mainly depend on the political system, tradition, culture and standards of personal morality.”[/quote]
If the institute or the academy of political sciences is not constituted in a certain society, the citizens would be completely ignorant about the politics or the country’s political system. Due to lack of well-versed politicians, political vacuum arises in the society concerned. Another deficiency is that the vast majority of people are lack of specific knowledge about politics. Consequently, the so-called politicians will surely take advantage on the ignorance of the public and play tricks in political arena in the said society. Unfortunately, the self-seekers, opportunists and so-called politicians overwhelm the political affairs and people cannot find the right political leader. People are quite helpless and hopeless to demand for their rights whenever they are in trouble. Besides, they do not know how to exercise their political rights properly due to lack of knowledge about politics. Under this dire situation, the certain society cannot be advanced politically and socio-economically. Evidently, the political vacuum causes negative impact on the people and society concerned. In some countries ruled by dictators, the people are brainwashed for the sustainable reign of dictators. Those people under the suppression of dictators do not have chance to study political science subject academically. This is sound evidence that why people in some society are lack of knowledge about politics. Even then, the international political science, an academic subject, is banned in schools and universities in some countries ruled by dictators. Filling the political vacuum with efficient politicians in that society would be a very hard effort indeed.
If there is moral vacuum in a certain society, it will cause a great detriment to the development of the society concerned. The moral vacuum undermines the status and image of the society concerned. In such a case, the government members, politicians and some citizens must be morally corrupt. Due to lack of practice in ethics, exercising extreme secularism and poor leadership, moral vacuum arises in the society concerned. This is also a great problem for the society in which moral vacuum exists. Who is going to train and tame those corrupt persons in the society concerned? If it persists as an unsolved problem, that society will regress rather than progress. This means that the act of returning to an earlier condition that is worse or less developed. Immorality, malpractice and corruption destroy the image of the society and disrupt its prosperity. Moral vacuum is despicable so rule of law must be prevalent by any means for the society concerned. If the moral standards and basic moral philosophies are declining in a particular society, a series of chaos or instability or may hem will occur certainly in it. However, paying too much attention to secularism can lead to uncivilized mannerism. Hopefully, some of the religious teachings of morality will be a remedy for that society. Most of the stable societies rely on both private and public morality. In addition, moral vacuum causes the political unrest because there can be neither justice nor equality in the society concerned.
Basically, the people from any nation around the world wish to enjoy peace, happiness and freedom all the time. The occurrences of the progression or regression in the respective societies in the world mainly depend on the political system, tradition, culture and standards of personal morality. We, humans are naturally responsible for performing social activities and political activities as our obligations on earth. We must be dutiful in carrying out these activities for the interests of our citizens. To protect the ordinary people from dirty tricks, the learned persons need to educate them to participate in politics systematically. The existences of mealy-mouthed politicians, slick politicos, moral-vacuum and political-vacuum cause regression in a society. To be able to avoid such circumstances and situation, upgrading the standard of people’s morality, studying political science as a compulsory subject in universities, practicing ethical norms and nurturing the spirit of patriotism are essentially and critically required in any society. Even a secular society might require these practices for sustainable development of it. If people wish to prosper their society, they ought not to support the mealy-mouthed politicians and slick politicos by any means. Gradually, moral vacuum and political vacuum will be disappeared when those persons give up their stupid mindsets and behaviors. They must be trained and tamed to become patriotic citizens so that the good governance and clean government will appear. Note. If a person is truly patriotic, he will never destroy nor hinder the prosperity or development of the society concerned. As a result, there will be no occurrences of instability and regression in the society. The more political participation and political culture prevail, the less political vacuum will occur in a society. Sequentially, the derelict condition of the political arena will be improved in a society. Our common goal for establishing a political system is based on notions of justice and equality!!!

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