We will preserve our ancestral heritage!

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  • Most Myanmar people would have known the historical background of Myanmar as to how Myanmar lost her Independence and as to how our ancestors sacrificed their lives for regaining Independence. But, most will not be able to distinguish the difference between the period when the country lost her Independence and the period after the Independence was regained.
    During the period when Myanmar people were living under the British Colonial rule there was a deep desire among the people to liberate ourselves out of the British yoke. The feeling was conceived in the deepest hearts of the entire Myanmar people, out of great our deep desire to liberate ourselves from British Rule, and to live as free citizens in a sovereign nation under our own King on the throne, out of a spirit of the great nationalism. This desire to live as free people in an independent sovereign nation was the main driving force that eventually helped us to gain our independence. On the other hand, reading books about independence or listening to stories about independence from others is not sufficient to win the struggle for independence. The indomitable spirit and the dauntless courage to participate in the struggle for independence finally resulted in victory because the entire Myanmar people were united and worked selflessly for gaining independence.
    Accordingly, reminiscences are frequently described for younger generations not to forget as to how our national independence was lost and as to how many people sacrificed their lives for regaining Independence. Only if we always remember these things will the spirit of nationalism never disappear from our hearts so that we will be ready and willing to protect our national sovereignty from the danger of destructive elements like ARSA for example.
    The entire population took many years to regain Independence by sacrificing countless lives. We won our independence because of our national unity, enthusiastic nationalism, strong patriotism and bravery.
    The concerted efforts of our ancestors should not be forgotten. Their heroic deeds will remain etched in our minds forever, as their actions are worthy of imitation. It can be said that our duty to safeguard the Independence we have gained will not be that difficult compared to the sacrifices of our forefathers. Had we been less united without due recognition of the value of our ancestors’ hard-won Independence, potential dangers for harming our national sovereignty and Independence can emerge anytime.
    To sum it up, it is incumbent upon us to safeguard our Independence of our ancestral heritage with unity and strength. So, we look towards the Independence Day celebrations, let us firmly resolve to defend our independence from the danger of neo-colonialists and extremist terrorists.
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