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Since assuming office, the union government has been making concerted efforts for Myanmar’s development, to enforce the rule of law and regional peace, as well as to address the ethnic affairs in Rakhine State. The union government works with the Rakhine Advisory Board to implement development plans in Rakhine, and there is evidence of their work. One way the government goes about handling conflicts in Rakhine is by uncovering their root causes and solving them to eliminate future recurrences.
The union government gives priority to the needs of Rakhine’s local residents and also manages the situation of Rakhine locals who had fled the country. Myanmar and Bangladesh held a coordination meeting on 20 February to accept returnees into a district in Rakhine. They also discussed joint coordination plans between Bangladesh and Myanmar’s border authorities.
Now, that the process for accepting returnees is underway, a lot of people have been settling between the two countries’ borders, and this has to be dealt with in a legal manner by both countries. It is against the law to settle down along a country’s border, and so both countries need to find a peaceful solution for this together.
Intentionally settling down near the border could harbour sinister intentions, and aiding this in any way is violating the laws set by both countries. These people spread rumours and deliberately create a situation where removal by security forces will draw criticism from the international community. International organisations supporting humanitarian aid to people living on the borders are intentionally or unintentionally creating a situation for political unrest.
Regardless, Myanmar is working closely with Bangladesh to find legal and peaceful solutions to accept and resettle returnees, and address the illegal settlements on the border. At the same time, both countries will be working on building a solid border gate, establishing maritime security and reinforcing border outposts. This will lead to fewer illegal border crossings and reduce threats from terrorists.
Action will be taken against all people, regardless of their religion, race or political position, who go against the laws of the land and who violate human rights, as accepted by our international community. The government has emerged as a body committed to the defence of human rights, not to defend any particular community’s rights, but of all human beings within the borders of our country.
To conclude, Rakhine State’s situation is the nation’s
problem as well, and all good and bad events will affect the nation too, which is why the union government handles things seriously as a matter of national interest with clarity and insight.

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