You are the best protector against COVID: State Counsellor

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi wrote on her Facebook page yesterday “you are the best protector against COVID”.
This was what she wrote:

Lately, there have been instances where people were afraid of those who have been under quarantine; some people did not want to associate with them. In fact those who have to go into quarantine do not pose a danger. Even if they had the disease, because they undergo regular medical treatment, the disease could be detected early and they could get early medical treatment. At present there are 233 positive cases and 143 persons who have been cleared of the disease.

We need to be very careful of people who are not showing symptoms of the disease although they have the disease, although they may not be in quarantine. We can catch the disease from these people. The best way to protect ourselves is to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Sports. You are the best protector against COVID.

Some people get angry saying the returnees can carry the disease because of excessive concerns. No one wants to have the disease. No one wants to go abroad and work laboriously to earn a living. The majority of those who came back from the border worked under great difficulties. We should not see that the income that they got was only for them and their families. The money that enters the country helps to drive the economy; in this manner it helps the country’s development. In 2019, official money transfers through the banks amounted to more than USD one billion. All of us can be helpful to one another.—MNA (Translated by Kyaw Myaing)

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