Young people of rescue task force inspected in Kyaikto

RTF Photo 72
Illegally-founded Rescue Task Force (RTF) are under inspection.

Necessary inspection was conducted upon a total of 11 persons (6 males and 5 females) who were believed to be charity workers of Rescue Task Force (RTF) staying in Golden Bliss hotel in Kyaikto Township, Mon State.

They were led by Ma Sint Moon, daughter of U Zaw Tun Myint, who lives in Yankin Township in Yangon Region. According to the investigation, Rescue Task Force (RTF) was formed with the aim of transferring the injured persons during the demonstrations to medical centres on 3 February. The chairperson of the RTF was Ma Sint Mon and Vice-Chair was Min Kyat Kyaw and there were six members at the time of forming and the number increased to 36 after the announcement of calling for members on 1 March. RTF received 86.5 million kyats of donation through the announced bank accounts.

Of the received donation, K 28 million was used to buy uniforms and donate to other charities and K 12 million was used to buy two vehicles. As the donors and members did not agree on the money spending of RTF, Ma Sint Mon resigned from her duty as the chairperson of RTF on 2 March and refund K 30 million to the donors. She still has K 16.5 million in her hand and transferred K6.5 million to Min Khant Kyaw who was Chairperson of RTF and ran away with other 11 people to hide from the police.

As the donors have demanded to clear accounts of donations, she planned to search Min Khant Kyaw and found out that they had entered in the territory of KNU. She returned back and while she was staying in Kyaikto, she was investigated by the police.

According to the Myanmar Police Force, elders of the community and parents need to control as necessary since forming illegal associations during the riots across the country, receiving donations, disagreeing with each other on the spending of the donated money, and reaching to another territory may result in unexpected consequences.—MNA

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