2021 New Year Message from President U Win Myint (1 January 2021)

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2021 New Year Message from Vice-President U Myint Swe

Dear esteemed citizens of Myanmar,
I extend my greetings and good wishes for your good health and well-being on this auspicious occasion of the 2021 New Year.
During the past years, our Union Government has worked relentlessly for the smooth performance and effectiveness of the government’s administrative machinery and development of the whole country. For the all-round development of the Union, we formulated short-term and long-term plans by designating 11 sectors and worked on these plans. Working in this way, there have been many projects which we have successfully completed as well as many projects that remain to be completed. In the coming years, we will join hands and work with the people not only to complete these projects but will strive to create better conditions and new opportunities in the political, economic and social sectors.

My fellow citizens,
The most important fundamental requirement for the development and success of a country is to peace and stability and the rule of law. In working towards this end, the collective strength of the people is extremely important.
Just as it is important for all the people to work collectively in collaboration for Union peace and stability, for the successful establishment of a Democratic Federal Union aspired by all citizens, in such a way we would be able to work simultaneously for equal development all across the Union. That is why I wish to make this request to all Union citizens to join hands in overwhelming numbers and work in the interest of our country.

My fellow citizens,
Beginning from the end of 2019, because of the COVID-19 pandemic that spread across all the countries of the world, many countries suffered tragic losses in human lives as well as great difficulties in the economic and social sectors. Our country also suffered similar difficulties to a certain extent; it is a well-known fact that because the people worked in close cooperation with the Union Government by taking on their assigned tasks in unity, we were able to protect ourselves and control this pandemic without suffering huge losses. This is a very visible and good example of the great value of collective strength. For this I wish to thank all our citizens.
In the post COVDI-19 period also, we will continue to implement plans which will include economic response and recovery programmes to lessen the impact of this disease on the socio-economic life of the people. I wish to express my firm belief that all of us would be able to overcome the losses that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic with the united strength of the Union Government and the people.
On this auspicious occasion of the New Year, may all citizens be free from the dangers of this pandemic and may you all have good health and happiness. I send these good wishes for the peace, prosperity and progress of the Union.
Thank you all.

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