A better education system alone does not work


So much of the debate on the national education bill has recently become the talk of the country. This means that people have awakened to the fact that educational might decide the future of the country.
The truth is that we are standing still gazing at others racing past. What really matters most is to learn the lessons from the success stories of other countries. In this respect, it is found that academically successful countries not only ensure that teachers concentrate on education but also encourage them to work with each other to improve.
It is however worth noting that a better education system alone does not work. No matter how best the education system is in practice, the quality of teachers is of the essence.
All qualified teachers are good at teaching.  Good teaching in fact always comes through hard work, the sharpening of specific skills and a thorough grasp of the content being taught. In addition, an excellent example of good teachers is that they all the time find ways to improve themselves in the belief that there is always room for self-improvement, which is why they keep learning things about how to teach more effectively.
In this age of information, education has been awash with new ideas about learning and teaching. For the effectiveness of the education system in our country, it is no longer fashionable to ask teachers to use new curricula, new teaching methods and new assessments.
Example is better than precept, as a saying goes. With the learner-centred approach having been introduced in our country, all teachers and students should change their mindsets. Simply put, the new approach is making students active agents in their own learning. In fact, learning for both teachers and students is a process of active engagement.



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