A healthy workforce is essential


Everyone deserves to lead a long life that is free of chronic pain or ill-health. Sadly however, low income earners tend to have much lower access to healthcare, despite the fact that they should be entitled to the same services as others.
Healthcare is a fundamental right, yet governments around the world fail to recognise it as such.
In fact, healthcare services are getting more and more expensive. With private clinics and hospitals emerging, the more money one spends on medical services, the stronger the prospects a person has to survive. It is unjust that a person needs to spend a fortune on a minor operation or risk the consequences of a shoddy job being done. Many people are subject to poor medical treatment, which can be fatal when they are seriously ill. A system needs to be implemented to allow everyone to access healthcare services. No one should die because they cannot pay for hospital treatment.
Although the government has created a social security system for workers, it is unable to cover every worker in Myanmar. A more extensive and effective social security system should be established to help low income earners gain equal access to medical treatment. There’s even a solid business case for it: a healthy workforce is more productive than an unhealthy one.

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