A lie told often enough becomes the truth

Tha Sein

It is known that a lie told often enough becomes the truth, and this largely supports the saying that might is right.
Some local and foreign media working hand in glove with the perpetrators who were involved in the armed attacks that took place in northern Rakhine State on 9 October fabricated news that accused members of the Tatmadaw who were conducting an area clearance operation of committing arson, looting, rape and sexual harassment. The media attempts were aimed at jeopardizing the government’s efforts towards restoring peace and stability in the affected area and scaring local people to flee their villages in order to undermine the image of the government.
When it comes to the recent incidents that occurred in Rakhine State in which nine security personnel were killed and four injured, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her meeting with Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister said that the government is handling the case fairly and squarely in accordance with the law while probing into what are said to be human rights violations, with the definition of human rights being very wide and subtle.
As a matter of fact, the incident is not a racial and/or religious conflict but simply an act which is detrimental to sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is the reason why the government has addressed it in such a way as to ensure the rule of law and protect lives and property of local national races.
As the incident has turned out to be a particularly sensitive issue, the government will deal with it in accordance with the law. An investigation is underway to expose the attackers involved and to bring them to justice.

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