Amidst COVID-19, illegal returnees to face legal action

Throughout the country, concerned authorities have been dipping into the COVID-19 control management toolbox to demonstrate the country’s decisive action, in the face of the global pandemic.
The authorities have been tracing those who had travelled to Rakhine State after 10 August, and have implemented travel restrictions to Rakhine State to fight the spread of the coronavirus infection within the state.
To quickly control the fast-spreading coronavirus in Rakhine State, our response to the outbreak should take place in a timely manner.
It is found that the ministries concerned, joining hands with each other, are taking steps to try to prevent further illegal returnees from coming back to Myanmar and to prevent the spread of the virus from Rakhine State to other parts of the country.
The most important thing is that the participation of the people in Rakhine State is key to overcoming the current challenges in the state.
Considering that further illegal returnees from the neighbouring country sharing a border with Rakhine State is an important factor in our efforts to contain the current outbreak in the state, the authorities have also beefed up surveillance at the border and enforced stricter COVID-19 preventive rules and measures.
As displaced people are staying in crowded conditions at the camps, if one of them is infected with the virus, an outbreak is very likely and can become uncontrollable.
Anyone who has illegally entered the country and anyone aiding them will face legal action.
Those who come into the country illegally, those who receive them knowingly, and those who cover up will be dealt with strictly and severely according to the law.
We would like to urge people to participate in preventing innocent people from falling into the COVID-19 abyss by informing ward or village administrative authorities if anyone knows about any incidents that could endanger public health.
Authorities are highly advised to play a recording of the Ministry of Health and Sports’ COVID-19 prevention guidelines daily over loudspeakers – guidelines to remind the people to follow the rules and guidelines. This is not meant to cause panic, but to prepare citizens for what lies ahead.
We all should understand that things may get worse before they get better. Our people must stay united during these trying times.

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