Building a better world through creativity and innovation

  • Tha Sein
  • The 2017 World Intellectual Property Day will be held at the Myanmar Convention Centre on Min Dhamma Road in Yangon from 9 am to 5 pm on 26 April under the sponsorship of the Science and Technological Department of the Ministry of Education. The event which is to bring together local and foreign experts and government officials includes discussions on copyrights, a showcase of a range of regional products, meals and presentation of souvenirs.
    The World Intellectual Property Day provides an opportunity for people of all nations to reflect on the importance of creativity and innovation in building a better world. Human creativity drives advances in science, business, technology, and the arts in all human endeavors. Recognizing and developing this limitless resource, and exploiting it as an economic asset, is key to achieving prosperity in today’s world.
    Myanmar has grasped this fact and is actively incorporating intellectual property policies into her overall development strategy. The WIPO’s goal is to work with all countries to assist them in this effort. In this aspect, it encourages young people to recognize the creator, the problem-solver, and the artist within themselves, as their capacity to create and innovate is limitless and their curiosity about whatever is new, different, or novel.
    It is public knowledge that ideas shape our world. They are the raw materials on which our future prosperity and heritage depend. This is why it is important to provide environments in which innovative ideas are encouraged and rewarded. Realizing this, the government is stimulating and safeguarding innovation and creativity by celebrating intellectual property day every year.
    With abundant natural resources, the country can serve the economic and developmental interests of the countries in the region and beyond, allowing intellectual property to widen its scope in the areas of education, health, culture, arts and so on. At a time when the economies of the nations around the world are becoming more intertwined, the country has a vested interest to harnessing the power of creativity and innovation through the use of the intellectual property systems in order to achieve economic growth and cultural development.
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