Caring & Sharing


Caring means: Feelings of loving kindness, interest, anxiety, sorrow for others; Looking after, providing food, attention, etc.

Sharing means: Giving a share (of) to others; divide & distribute; Having (something) & using in common; Having a part/ share of something. e.g. I’ll share in the cost with you. She shares (in) my troubles as well as (in) my joys; Having equal shares with others in the use, enjoyment, expense, etc. of something.

C         for       Consideration for others

A         for       Attention to Win-Win relationships

R         for       Respect for Individuals

I           for       Intentionally Taking Care of Other People’s Needs

N         for       Networking with Others

G         for       Goodwill for Others


S          for       Sincerity

H         for       Helping Hand

A         for       Altruism

R         for       Relationship Building

I           for       Inspiring Others

N         for       No ILL-WILL

G         for       Give All To Love


Consideration means: Quality of being considerate; thoughtful attention to the wishes, feelings, etc of others.
In the Win-Win principle, consideration is to be given to others on the one hand, and courage is to be tactically used to protect one’s own interest on the other. Consideration or thoughtful caring should be especially exercised in relation to the have-less and have-not. Aside from charity and philanthropy, utmost consideration must be directed towards the needs and requirements of the broad masses of the people, politically, economically, technologically, socio-culturally, legally, educationally, environmentally and ecologically. Ethical and moral considerations should also be given to all the internal racial and ethnical contradictions and conflicts of all kinds. The principle of “One for All and All for One” should be applied in the matter of consideration for others.


Caring for the benefits and welfare of others prompts us to practice the principle of thinking Win-Win relationship. In Myanmar socio-culture, there has all along flourished the principle of “Sahajāta – Iññamjiñña” in Pali, meaning: “Being together, Mutual Benefits must be sought for“. Especially, wisdom and compassion compel us human beings to regard all the beings with a sense of caring and sharing.


All the religions teach us to respect people of all stations in life. Jesus Christ taught that all human beings have a divine spark in them. Hinduism teaches that there is a core purity of self in all human beings. Buddhism teaches that there is a Bodhi-nature in all humans. So, as the appearance is deceitful, we should not hesitate to regard all human beings with all due respect.


In caring and sharing with other people, we should:

  • Do good
  • Be Kind, and
  • Love One Another

 In other words, we all should:

  • Love all
  • Serve all
  • Hurt never
  • Help never

We should intentionally take good care of vital needs of the have-not and the have-less.


Success in life is outside-in, where as happiness in life is inside-out. So, for success in our jobs, in our relationships and in our lives, we cannot but respect people, regard them as our partners or comrades or friends and be in touch with them. In networking with people, mutual benefits and satisfaction should always be taken into consideration. No one should benefit at the expense of another or others.


Goodwill or Good Will means: Friendly feeling; e.g. a policy of goodwill in international relations; the good reputation of a well-established business.

In Myanmar traditional Socio-culture, right thinking, right intention, and right contemplation are always given emphasis. In Pali, it is called Yoniso’manasikāra, meaning right thought, right mindfulness and positive attitude. If we put an “a” to it the word becomes Ayoniso’manasikāra, meaning wrong thinking and negative attitude.


Sincerity means: (1) Being genuine, not pretended (in feeling, and behavior); (2) Straightforward; not in the habit of expressing feelings that are pretended, (of person) (3) Honesty

In the matter of caring for and sharing with other people, sincerity is of utmost importance. Sense of caring and sharing is the product of a soft, tender heart. So, caring and sharing must be seamlessly integrated with loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.


Caring for and Sharing with other people is, indeed, offering a helping hand. So, let’s try to clarify the meaning of helping. Helping means: Doing part of the work of another person; making it easier for somebody to do something or for something to happen; doing something for the benefit of (somebody in need.)

In caring and sharing, the spirit of helping people in sorrow and in suffering is to be appreciated most. As the saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” goes; caring and sharing should be offered to those most in need.


Altruism is a principle of considering the well-being and happiness of others first. It also means unselfishness. Caring and sharing itself is the product of altruism. Altruism is the queen, and the queen has FOUR beautiful daughters, vig.:

  • Mettā in Pali which means Loving kindness
  • Karunā in Pali which means Compassion
  • Muditā in Pali which means Sympathetic Joy
  • Upekkhā in Pali which means Equanimity


Caring and Sharing should be the cause, and the effect should be building relationships. According to the Dependent Origination, all phenomena are conditioned by some other existing causes and conditions. All things are interdependent. All the effects have relevant causes; and all the fruits are the products of the seed, earth/ soil, water/ moisture, light/ heat and the cultivator, of course. So, also relationships are being built by the act of caring and sharing.


The caliber of a caring and sharing deed will determine the quality of inspiration for others. The sincerity of the caring and sharing act will also cause the strength and force of inspiring others. Although the genuine act of caring and sharing is an inside-out activity, it can cause an impact that is outside-in motivation. The important point is the degree of disinterestedness in the act of caring and sharing.


            There should not be no ill-will in any deed of caring and sharing. An act of caring and sharing should be genuinely influenced by a sense of liberality, generosity and goodwill, reinforced by a charitable spirit. Any act of caring and sharing should by governed by the true spirit of giving cash and kind and oneself for the benefit of others.


Emerson said: “Give all to love, obey thy heart.”

Every Caring and Sharing deed should be done in love, with love and by love. In caring and sharing and rejoicing, we all should live and move and have our being. We can transform our lives by the renewal of our minds. And we can renew our minds only if we have genuine, pure and disinterested love in our hearts.


Let’s do some caring and sharing deeds, with dear love in our hearts!

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