Civilian honoured for assisting in seizing 14 million Yaba pills

(Following is the unofficial translation of the message of thanks to the public released by State Counsellor’s Office on 22nd January 2017)
As the Union Government has been taking measures for considerable change, one of the priorities of the Union Government among others is the prevention and elimination of the danger of drug abuse posed by narcotic drugs. Drug abuse and trafficking have grown for years in Myanmar as civil armed conflicts are deeply involved in the narcotic drugs problem of Myanmar. There are still challenges posed by the lack of regional stability, which undermines the rule of law and administrative power.
In establishing the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre, an emphasis has been placed on considerable reduction of drug problems through peace efforts. It has also been found that the production of new narcotic drugs has an enormous impact on the socio-economic life while drug control policies are being adopted. As measures are being taken to reduce the abuse of narcotic drugs among the new generation of youths, similar measures have been taken to control production, trafficking and money laundering at the same time. An emphasis has been placed on drug trafficking on a retail and wholesale basis to keep narcotic drugs out of reach of young people.
In any strategic plan, cooperation of the people is essential. Only when all strata of people participate in the efforts, when the advice and suggestions of the people are available, can practical and effective strategies and policies be developed. It is important to eliminate the dark clouds of narcotic drugs for the new generations who own the future of the country so that they can shoulder the duties of the country healthily and safely with a firm determination.
Ko Yarzar Hein, 35, is a motor-cycle mechanic living in Utshitpin town, Padaung Township. Upon suspicion of an oil tanker car parked near the San Pet Let recreation camp in the jungle, he informed Police Officer Kyaw Soe Oo of the Traffic Control Police, Utshitpin. Under the instruction of Police Officer Kyaw Soe Oo, Ko Yarzar Hein kept close watch on the site nearby the house of U Khin Zaw Oo in the jungle from 2 December to 10 December. For 8 days, in the disguise of a worker with a full ration, he simultaneously watched the house of the driver U Kyaw Kyaw and the oil tanker car. Using information given by Ko Yarzar Hein, police forces and Ko Yarzar Hein blocked the street to search the 6-wheeled blue truck at Nyaungyo Immigration Gate, seizing 14 million WY brand orange amphetamine tablets at 4 am on December 10, 2016 and arrested three, including U Kyaw Kyaw.
Ko Yarzar Hein made a marvelous effort to launch an anti-drug eradication effort of his own accord, without being influenced by anyone to do so, seizing such an enormous amount of drugs at the risk of his life for the benefit of the country and the public. He did this, being well convinced of the evil effects of the drugs without fear. Hence, Ko Yarzar Hein has been chosen as the person who was worth congratulating for December 2016.
All Myanmar nationals are wholeheartedly urged to contribute their efforts  in nation building like Ko Yarzar Hein with conscientiousness and nobility.

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