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Despite high yield, Taiwan tomato growers face hardship as price drops

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Tomato growers in Pwintbyu Township are struggling from lower profit due to the declining price of tomatoes. Photo: Ye Win Naing (IPRD)

Taiwan tomato growers are struggling from lower profit because of the declining price of tomatoes. However, the tomato yield is high in this season, said Ko Kyaw Zin Win, a local Taiwan tomato grower from Thet Man Yin village, Pwint Phyu township, Magway region.
The local people from villages near Mone Creek in Pwint Phyu township are growing vegetables and crops on a commercial scale using Mone Creek water and underground water. This year, the Taiwan tomato cultivation is successful with high yield, and the local growers are picking them up to sell in the market, according to the tomato growers.
“Our villagers near Mone Creek are growing the crops and vegetables annually with good use of groundwater and Mone Creek. This year, the villagers are growing mostly Taiwan tomatoes. If they grow the Taiwan tomatoes systematically, they can produce a minimum of around 3,000 or 4,000 visses from 10,000 tomato trees.
With the development of the agricultural method in recent years, the local people are growing the crops by learning the planting method engaging with the agricultural companies. Now, the local farmers are growing the crops and vegetables systematically. This year, the farmers successfully cultivated Taiwan tomatoes. But, the price of tomato is only K400-500 per viss this year. So, the growers can make only less profit,” said Ko Kyaw Zin Win.
After three months of cultivation, the Taiwan tomatoes can be sold back in the market, according to the local growers from Pwint Phyu township.
—Ye Win Naing (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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