Emergence of the new wholesale market in Yangon

By Swe Oo Wai

As this is the time for multi-purpose development of the commercial city of Yangon, high-rise buildings of international standards and hotels, economic centers and shopping malls have emerged in every corner of Yangon. Some are under construction; some have completed their constructions. Now the biggest trading center in Myanmar by the name of wholesale Seamanea Yangon has started its construction and is expected to open soon.
The wholesale market of international standards is located on land areas of 167 between Bago new river and at the corner of New Dagon township and at the corner of Yadana Street. The project is being carried out under mutual cooperation between Singapore-based Samanea Group and Myanmar’s Ei Co, Ltd.
In order to carry out this project, a high-standard wholesale market and Myanmar’s biggest trading center are being constructed in order to put various kinds of items in a place. Yangon, emerging as a commercial city of Myanmar, industrial zones, special industrial zones, international investment, economic enterprises which have to come to our country needs emergence of wholesale market of international standard.
In order to meet the demands, primary importance of Yangon needs construction of economic zones of international standards. When carrying out this project, the first phase needs an area of 100,00 square meters for 700 stalls.

Samanea Yangon Commodities Market will supply products to people.  Photo: AFP
Samanea Yangon Commodities Market will supply products to people.  Photo: AFP

Also included in 700 stalls are wholesale markets, banks, food stalls and supermarkets. In addition, a warehouse of high standard, wide rooms and systematic parking for cars are also included. In the second phase of this project includes an area of 300,000 square meters for wholesale market, booths for products, exhibitions for wide rooms and hotels are being built. In this connection, multi-purposes are being carried out to solve the problems of both international businessmen, domestic and foreign businesses.
To carry out this project, the construction is divided into three parts:(1) Efforts are being made to open during coming April; (2) Construction will continue after April;(3) this part contains housing estate, shopping malls and hotels. This construction of wholesale market of international standard is meant for production ,sales and distributions. They should be carried out in a place in a short time. Opening after the construction of part-1, owners of small enterprises in Myanmar should rent stalls in order to carry out their businesses. Businesses of various sizes should implement in a place for local and foreign businesses with their owners putting up in relatively luxurious places.
In Yangon, it is easily accessible to Thilawa Special economic zone of international standard and international port. In addition, Yadana Hnin Housing Estate and Ayeyarchantha Housing Project and Emerald Bay can be reached in a short time in order to pay the way for smooth transportation.
In Yangon, the Danyingon wholesale market of international standards has already opened after constructions. In the market, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products are on display and sale. In Insein township, Yangon Division, as many as 500 stalls have been built in Danyingon Ward.
This wholesale market of international standards will display various textiles ,electric appliances, cosmetics, digital products, information technology products, consumer goods, construction materials, luxurious goods, household utensils and electronic products,etc. In Yangon the emergence of new wholesale market of international standard and economic environment will not only create good opportunities for owners of businesses and investors but also for the economic developments of Yangon. Translated By Arakan Sein


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