Farmers receive good price for summer paddy in 2015

Nattalin pNattalin, 26 May — Summer paddy plantations are thriving in Nattalin Township, Bago Region.
A local farmer said, “We grow paddy in the irrigated area of Taungnyo Dam. We spent K150,000 per acre on cultivation of summer paddy. Farmers spend K40,000 per acre for use of combine harvesters. Merchants are waiting for purchase of paddy.”
Paddy was sold at K380,000 per 100 baskets last year but this year’s price rose to K450,000 per 100 baskets.
The Yadana Toe paddy strain yielded 130 baskets per acre. Nattalin Township has planted paddy on 1,200 acres of farmland. Kyemon-071

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