Independence, Myanmar Language & Myanmar Literature

  • 25-12-2016
    Editorial from the Mirror (Kyemon)
  • When they were fighting for independence against colonialists, patriotic Myanmar nationalists shouted the slogan, “Myanmar is our country, Myanmar literature is our literature and Myanmar language is our language. Love our country, raise the standard of our literature and respect our language. They shouted these slogans not to think highly of colonialists and not to let our patriotic spirit diminish during the time of colonial occupation.
    Because of the development of Myanmar language and literature, nationalism developed, and the patriotic spirit to win back the lost independence awakened and intensified. This proved to be beneficial till we achieved Independence.
    As for the new generations, only if their level of understanding of the words “Myanmar is our country and Myanmar language is our language” is raised will our Independence and our national development endure for a long time.
    Now is the time for our future generations to protect and preserve our Myanmar language and literature and work for its development and progress.
    During the struggle for our independence, Myanmar literature saw a rebirth and growth because of the concerted efforts of the first-ever Myanmar national principal, teachers and students of the University College. Consequently, this is proof that all Myanmar nationals began to love and cherish our Myanmar literature and Myanmar language.
    For a country and its people, their language and literature are like a priceless jewel. It is for this reason that every country and every race cherish their language and literature and therefore work hard at preservation, development and propagation of their language and literature.
    It can be seen that in our big neighboring country, they value and use their own language and literature. Even though the young people know English because it is the international language, they usually use their mother tongue as a priority to make sure that others give a high respect to their language.
    For our country also, although we need to master the globally used language—English to keep up with the world, we need to make sure that we do not neglect our own mother language. We should not think too highly of other foreign languages. We need to keep them on the same level as ours.
    As stated in the sayings—“The people will flourish only if their literature is of a high standard,” and “The race will disappear if their literature disappears,” we are responsible to preserve and protect our Myanmar language and literature. It is a national responsibility. Failing that, one day we will not be able to stand tall in dignity among the other peoples of the world. Our race will vanish from the world the same way lost our independence.
    We firmly believe that our efforts to preserve, develop and propagate our beloved language and literature with the spirit of nationalism will help our motherland—Myanmar to survive and endure forever.

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