K 690 mln in insurance disbursed to workers in June

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Employees work on a production line at a garment factory in Hlinethaya, Yangon. Photo: Aye Min Soe

By Khin Yadanar
About K 690 million in social security insurance were already disbursed to laborers in June who had paid insurance premiums, under their respective categories.
The  statement released by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population which has been upgrading social lives of labourers and supplying people’s needs, rights and opportunities also said other social security, job opportunities and labour problems were also solved.
For working force helping the development of national production, on-job safety, acquisition of peace in working environment, getting benefits of social security for workers from factories and mills, getting medical treatment and care according to the law are being carried out by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, it was learnt.

Over 10,000 employment bonds contracted
Directorate of Labour managed to contract agreements of employments—13014 in total, 2888 males and 10126 females, under the form of agreement of employment. In dealing with labour disputes between employers and employees, township arbitration committees are taking responsibilities to solve them. In March, out of 88 cases, 18 were appeased, 15 transferred to Region or State Tribunal and 2 cases were withdrawn. For the remaining 53 cases for 576 beneficiaries were helped to get K 141.724553 million and US $ 3670 as benefits, it was learnt.

Enjoying Benefits as described by Labour Law
Department of Workshop and Labour Law Investigation, helped workers to get wages for working on public holidays, to enjoy earned leave with pay to get casual leave, medical leave and maternity leave with pay, amounting to K 110 million and US $ 1716200 altogether, it was learnt.
Township Workshop and Labour Law Investigation Department managed to hold 288 events of educative talks on on-job safety, health and legal knowledge to employers and employees from 640 factories and mills.
Labour Affairs Relation Department’s arbitration council solved 8 cases, helping 41 laborers get benefits— K 1.6702 million with 17 other cases solved, helping 17 workers to get K 14.369 million as benefits, it was learnt.

Disbursing social security benefits
According to social security board, laborers who regularly paid insurance premiums were disbursed out K 690 million and medical expenses K 110 million for 6622 workers.
In May, 2017 laborers entitled for insurance were given medical treatments—7489 outdoor patients and 738 indoor patients in 3 labour hospitals. There were up to 60661 patients to 96 social security clinics and 50 departmental clinics. Doctors from labor hospitals made round checks for 3 times, giving treatments to 811 patients. Doctors from social security clinics made 124 times round checks, giving 2510 patients treatment, giving 5170 patients by mobile medical teams.
With a view to improving per capita income of workable laborer and national development, and for increasing job opportunities, the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population is making plans for sending official workers and finding jobs for them in the country. Simultaneously, the task was being performed online through the labor exchange management system, it has been learnt.
In June, the ministry and private agencies helped them to find jobs—over 16000 were employed, it was learnt.

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