Kachin Democratic Party presents policy, stance and work program

U Phon San, General Secretary of Kachin Democratic Party.
U Phon San, General Secretary of Kachin Democratic Party.
Party logo.
Party logo.

General Secretary U Phon San of Kachin Democratic Party presented the party’s policy, stance and work program on radio and television on 14 September.

Following is a translation of the presentation:

Our country would emerge as an eternal peace and developed nation, only when diverse nationalities residing together in the state could build a genuine federal union, in accordance with the Panglong spirit, based on the rights of self-determination, self-creation, self-administration, building trust among the people, and having equality, freedom, democratic practice, along with full advantage of inborn human rights.
The Kachin Democratic Party believes that Kachin State should also fulfill the above norms in unity and unison among the entire people, irrespective of race and religion, and must work hand in hand so as to create a prosperous and flourishing state.

Name of the party and definition

Esteemed voters and citizens,
Definition of the party is based on the following four points.
(1) The Kachin Democratic Party represents the entire people.
(2) The Kachin Democratic Party always aims for the participation of the Kachin nationals and entire people in the state, and is a party based on true federal democracy and human rights in conjunction with equality and justice.
(3) The party aims at national reconciliation of all people residing in the Kachin State, irrespective of race and religion.
(4) The party would resolutely carry out for the achievement of sustainable peace and full democracy in the Kachin State.

Party policy

Esteemed voters and citizens,

We believe that a party must take the responsibility to carry out all social matters related with the people. In the implementation of the party tasks, all events of the past must be taken as lessons, harmonized with present matters and work for a successful future federal union.

Therefore, the party has laid down the following policies:

(a) Political outlook of the party

(1) The Kachin Democratic Party believes that stable and secure peace is necessary as an integral part for the development and prosperity of Kachin State. Therefore, the party would actively join hands for the achievement of internal peace process.
(2) The party would vigorously carry out attainment of full unity of the nationalities.
(3) In a practicing democracy, the administration is applied as majority rule and the respect of minority rights with the term, “majority rule and minority rights”, and our party is pushing ahead for its full implementation in the whole country.
(4) In serving the interests of the Union and for the benefit of the State, our party would cooperate hand in hand in harmony with other political parties.
(5) When any problem crops up, it would be solved by finding solutions through negotiations.
(6) The inborn basic human rights of all human beings would be protected and enhanced.
(7) The rights of the minority would be protected within the framework of the law.

(b) Economic policy of the party

(1) The party would support the independent market economic system, and it is termed as, “free marketing system”.
(2) The agricultural and
animal breeding sectors are to be supported with modern scientific techniques.
(3) Normal commerce and trade would be supported and encouraged, which could be termed as, “normal trade”.
(4) With a view to developing the state, systematically extracting natural resources of the state would be supported.
(5) Rural area development tasks and private sector businesses would be encouraged for improvement.
(6) Internal and foreign investments and joint venture projects are to be encouraged and expanded.
(7) Support would be provided to establish more business and trade owned by national entrepreneurs from local areas.
(8) Support and encouragement would be provided to explore and establish new economic ventures.

(c) Social sector of the party

(1) Priority would be given for the development of human resources.
(2) Tasks are to be carried out for the basic needs of the people such as food, clothing and shelter, in conjunction with the upgrading of social living standard.
(3) Public health and fitness would be enhanced along with elevated moral character.
(4) Modern and developed education system would be implemented.
(5) Special emphasis would be given for the emergence of law and justice that are to be abided by all citizens and to encourage good moral character of the people.
(6) Support and encouragement would be made to uplift the tradition, customs, literature, culture and arts of nationalities.

(d) Future task of the party

(1) Utmost efforts would be exerted in creating the Kachin State stable
and firm as an integrated part of the Union,
where sustainable peace
is being established with development and prosperity.
(2) National reconciliation would be established
without fail so that all the nationals residing in Kachin State can live in unity and peaceful harmony.
(3) Efforts would be made to further nurture multiparty democratic system in the Kachin State.
(4) The economic sector would be implemented in line with the policy laid down by the party, as mentioned above.

(e) Development program of the party

Development of the Kachin State would be implemented mainly in the following sectors.
(1) Emphasis would be given for better road and communications.
(2) Agriculture and animal breeding would be encouraged with modern techniques.
(3) Adequate and sufficient electricity generation would be enhanced.
(4) Compulsory free education system for the primary level would be practiced and the literature of the nationals would be officially taught in all government schools.
(5) In the health sector, hospitals and dispensaries would be established in all areas and necessary medical staff, medicines, and hospital equipment would be provided adequately.
(6) In Kachin State, conservation of environment and water resources would be managed systematically. Forests, rivers and lakes are to be conserved and managed. Especially, the Ayeyawady River must be managed and controlled to flow properly in its original state.
(7) Our party would maintain understanding and cordial relations with other parties. In the interest of the nation and the people, our party would join hands with all legal organizations.
(8) In connection with peasants’ matters, it would be handled systematically, in accordance with law. If there are cases of confiscated lands, matters would be dealt and settled through justice, in accordance with law. Peasants would be allowed to work and manage independently on their own lands in the cultivation of crops and animal and fish breeding. Manual farming system would be upgraded into agricultural mechanization.
(9) Regarding the matter of workers, work places would be created into an atmosphere where workers are independent, active and happy. The welfare of the workers would be established. Rights and entitlements of the workers would be fully secured. Justice would prevail in all the workplaces. Good workers that abide work disciplines would be trained, nurtured and uplifted, and Kachin State would be developed in an added momentum.

Translated by UMT (HK)

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