Kachin National Congress Party (KNC) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Kachin National Congress Party (KNC) Chairman Dr M Kawn La presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 22 September.

Greetings to all citizens in the Union of Myanmar
Wishing you all physical and mental wellbeing
I am the Chairman of the Kachin National Congress Party (KNC), Dr M Kawn La. I would like to introduce our party first.
KNC was formed on 10 January 1949 to commemorate Kachin State Day. It was formed led by Du Wa Zau Lawn, Du Wa Ugyi Hting Nan and Du Wa Dein Ratan who participated in implementing the Panglong Agreement in 1947 and with Saya S Gum Gam, Du Wa Shawng Gyung and U Htun Tin. Du Wa Zau Lawn in 1952 and Du Wa Zahta Sin in 1957 are two KNC chairmen who were able to lead the Kachin State government. We registered as a regional political party in 2013 and stand as a union-level party on 30 September 2019. We are contesting for 17 seats in Kachin State, a Kachin representative seat in northern Shan State, and a seat in Namtu Pyithu Hluttaw and Namtu State Hluttaw each for a total of 20 seats.

Esteemed people
I will now explain KNC’s policy, stance, objectives, campaign aim, and pledges.

KNC’s Policy
1. Political policy
Based on neo-conservatism political ideology to retrieve the lost national integrity and the original value of Kachin and citizens through a middle-path approach, our policy is centre-right progressive liberalism.

2. Economic policy
We will swiftly implement a manufacturing-based economy that relies on natural resources.
–A competitive policy with China, West Europe, East Asia, the USA and ASEAN nations in mac-roeconomics.
–Promoting domestic agricultural products and putting SMEs first in microeconomics.
–Implementing tax systems and governance mechanisms for fiscal policy.
–Implementing fiscal stability for monetary principle.

3. Social policy
To attain equal human rights, healthcare and education for the other territories as those from the mainland.

KNC’s stance
We will implement the pledges and vows of the Panglong Agreement of 1947 and have a policy for Kachin and citizens first.

KNC’s objectives
1. National equality
2. Self-determination
3. Establishing a federal union
4. Implementing direct democracy such as the right to recall Hluttaw representatives and referendum power
5. Adapting election systems to changing times

KNC’s campaign call for 2020
The three most essential requirements of this nation are equality, self-determination and establishing federal democracy – “equity”, “equality” and “Rapra Lam”.

KNC’s election promises
1. Implementing a policy that puts the people first in Myanmar’s peace process instead of focusing on weapons;
2. To enact referendum power as a law in direct democracy;
3. To stabilize commodity prices and fairness as best as possible;
4. To acquire more generous funding from Union Government budget to drive up development in healthcare and education;
5. Regional and state Hluttaw to effectively manage macro and micro-investments;
6. To implement land registration as a national project to protect the land-based economy of agriculture across the nation and amend land laws that no longer serve the public interest;
7. To amend gems and jewel laws to incorporate regional and public benefit.
The election promises, as mentioned above, will be implemented without fail by KNC candidates in all Hluttaws. That is an explanation of the possibilities and possible course of action to the public.

Esteemed people
Our KNC party has a solid history, good and stable political objectives, understands the needs of the people, possesses the political capabilities for implementation, and is a member of the muscular cooperative strength of United Nationalities Alliance (UNA). We urge the people to work together with KNC in the 2020 election to establish a Federal Democratic Union to the best of our abilities.

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