Land to be arranged to construct industrial zones in Bago Region



The Bago Region government will make land available for the construction of industrial zones in Bago Region. The Bago Region does not face scarcity of land to implement industrial zones. Many investors from China and South Korea visited Myanmar recently to invest in the implementation of industrial zones in the country.
“It is not difficult for us to make land available in Bago Region to implement the industrial zones project. If they need land in Bago Region, our regional government can arrange it. No land has been set aside for industrial zones in Bago Region, but the government has defined industrial areas.
If industrial zones are developed, our region will also develop, and it can create job opportunities for the local people,” said U Nyunt Shwe, Bago Region minister for planning and finance. The region government is scrutinising the contracted land, which has been granted to implement the project in the industrial areas.


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