Let’s fight against drugs to possess a glorious future

photo01 72By Khin Moh Moh Aung
Yadanabon University

Nowadays, human beings are living in a world which is made up of different people with different behaviors. Most of the people are being alive for love. Others are being alive for themselves. Some people, however, are being alive for money as they think money can make everything. Even though everyone in the world is seeking money, there are different ways of seeking money. Some people find money by selling goods. Some people find it by curing unhealthy people. Some find it by using their capabilities and their intellects. Some, however, are finding money by inappropriate ways. They just know that they have to get money, and they do not consider whether the approach they are taking is good or not. And they do not consider whether the money they got is ill-gained or not. They get money from their victims who are drug users.
Drug is an illegal substance which some people take in order to feel happy, relaxed, or excited (according to the dictionary). Everybody knows drugs are not good for human beings. However, some people are creating their victims to get money for themselves. They produce drugs and distribute it to a lot of people. Most of the victims are youths, because most of the youths would like to try something new for themselves. They start smoking and then start to use drugs. Some of the youths start using drugs because of their friends. Some use because of the neighborhood environment. Some use drugs out of curiosity. Whatever, using drugs can affect human beings and all of their possessions.
Drugs can drag down people’s optimistic attitude and their future. Drugs can destroy our societies. Nowadays, the rate of crime is increasing. In this situation, drugs play a role. When some of the youths do not have enough money to use drugs, they steal other people’s possessions. They rob the jewelry and even kill people. By seeing these incidents, we can conclude that drugs use results in many negative things. So, distributing drugs, producing drugs and using drugs should be strongly prohibited. Most of the youths fall prey to drug dealers. So, educators should share their knowledge to youths as much as they can by giving examples. Finally, what I would like to express is, “Let’s fight against drugs to possess a glorious future”.

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